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Post by NoMercy on Mon May 23, 2016 11:56 am

Een lijst van vaak gebruikte clash of clans afkortingen hieronder.

CoC = Clash of Clans
Lix = Elixir
DE = Dark Elixir
Barb = Barbarian
Gob = Goblin
BK = Barbarian King
AQ = Archer Queen
Mr. T = Guy who rides Hogs
SC = Supercell
TH = Town Hall
WT = Wizard Tower
AT = Archer Tower
AD = Air Defense
CC = Clan Castle
Valk = Valkyrie.
WB = Wall Breaker
e = Elixir
g = Gold
GoWiPe = Golems Wizards Pekka
GoWipe Mi Ars = Golems Wizards Pekka Minion Archers
WTF = What
GTFO = Leave
WT = Wizard Tower
TIA = thankyou in advance
BRBR = be right back raiding
adpok = Archers Dragons Pekkas OK
np = no problemachmeds= wall breakers
premature TH= a person who upgraded their TH before upgrading the rest of his building sufficiently and so has trouble playing the game.
MT= mortar
MR.T= hog riders
PM= private message (in the forums)

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